Adventures of Baron Hackenslausch


A knight takes up his arms


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Adventures of Baron Hackenslausch is a 'hack 'n slash' where you take control of Baron Hackenslausch, a drunken old man who must face endless hordes of enemies with only the help of his trusty sword... and his special powers.

The game features just three different levels and three different kinds of enemy. You fight against them to try and hold off the endless waves of enemies for as long as possible, which will come at you from all sides of the screen.

Although there are only three types of enemy, each of them has one particular skill. Mages, for example, try to kill you from a distance, while smaller, faster enemies try to swarm you. The biggest enemies do the most damage if you let them get close.

The graphics in Adventures of Baron Hackenslausch are outstanding. The game has the visual style of 'cell shading' and some very colourful character modelling. Also, it has a 'heavy metal' soundtrack that fits perfectly.

Adventures of Baron Hackenslausch is a fun little action game, and although it lacks variety, it offers a great gaming experience without asking for a single euro in return. Not surprisingly it is in fact a completely free game developed by students.
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